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New Zealand is a fantastic country, and many people want to visit and live in this great country. However, the process of gaining a right to stay in New Zealand can be perilous; it is a path that does not allow mistakes.

I can assist you with those application, and work with you on a package that best suits your needs and budget. For some clients, I provide an oversight, reviewing your application and answering your questions. For other clients, I provide the full service, handling the entire process.

If you've already applied, and something has gone wrong, I can often help fix the issue. I've had a number of clients who have urgently contacted me once they have received a Possible Prejudicial Information (PPI) letter, where a response has to be provided within a limited time. I'm happy with the results I've achieved for the vast majority of my clients.

My approach to immigration is to also be honest about an applicant's chances. I've heard of immigration agents and lawyers who will handle the application, giving their client false hope on what was an application that was doomed to fail. I am upfront with clients if I don't believe they will achieve the visa they are looking at. Instead I'll run through whether there are other options, or, if you did want to proceed, how we can minimise your costs.

I may also be able to fix my fee on immigration work, subject to conditions.


With my background and experience, I have given a number of firms advice on IT systems, and re-engineering their business processes. This is role I had before becoming a lawyer and, as the world becomes more IT centric, it is something that I find it valuable to firms, especially when combined with my legislative and legal practice knowledge.


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