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10 You deserve a specialist.

The opening line for anything is always the most important (followed closely by the last line). I’ve never read Moby Dick, but I know the “Call to Ishmael” is the opening line.

I’ve been working on this website for a short time, but I haven’t yet decided what to have as that opening line in my first post. So I went with what I believe.

You deserve a specialist.

There are a number of different reasons you might need a lawyer. Every lawyer can’t do them all. I’ve seen lawyers who try, lawyers who will nod their head when asked if they can help with a certain area of law. They provide their client a mediocre service at best, and provide lawyers like me with little competition.

Lawyers shouldn’t try and be everything to everyone. They should specialise. Become one of the best in their field.

I only handle a few areas of law: tech law, franchise law, and a little bit of immigration. That’s it. Over time that will get even more narrowed. I want to provide my client’s with a specialised legal services, giving them the confidence that the advice they are getting is from someone with experience.

I do get asked a lot about what tech law is. I find it easiest to describe it as that area of law where technology is intrinsically involved where my knowledge of technology is extremely beneficial to the client. It could be for a client involved in the IT industry, a client who is pushing an online presence, or a client who is being harassed online. These are areas where many lawyers may feel that they can give it a try, but often struggle (or don’t even realise that they’ve missed something).

If your lawyer doesn’t understand what it is you do, or how it is done, then you need to see a specialist.

I will be publishing these posts on occasion, depending on workload and what is happening in the world. They are not intended to be legal advice, but to provide information and hopefully get people thinking about legal issues in a new way. I’ll even be trying my hand at videoblogs (is ‘vlog’ still the word?). My work does take me to various places, so I may even have a few vlogs from exotic locations. However, no matter my location, I am available to my clients no matter where I am.

As I said above, the final line of anything closely follows the opening line. So, in the spirit of being a tech law specialist.

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