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Ever since a young age, I've embraced technology. Being given my first computer at age 5, I soon began teaching myself how to program. Over the years this lead to building hundreds of computers, sampling (and often taking apart) as many technologies as possible, and obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree. After spending several year working on designing complex systems for large corporations and council, and re-engineering their old business processes, I followed my childhood dream and returned to university to study law, a profession I've since been working in for some time.

When I began working as a lawyer I was fortunate to be able to work under two of the most respected franchise lawyers in New Zealand.

They gave me a good basis in franchise and commercial law. Since then, I have also had the opportunity to learn from one of the best immigration lawyers, adding another speciality I can provide to my clients. Learning from the best provided me with a good foundation, on which I have built my legal career.

After working for several firms, I looked at new ways to combine my business, technical and legal experience to provide a better service to my clients. In the end the best way to do this was to start my own boutique firm. Virt Law is different to many firms in that we focus only focus on a few specialised areas. We want to be there to provide you that expert advice in those fields, not attempt to try and be everything to everybody.

Outside of Virt Law, I have interests in technology, fashion, and travel. The technology in use at Virt Law means that I don't need to be tied to one location. This often means that I can come to see my client, rather than my client needing to travel to me. It also means that I can travel while I work, allowing me to attend conferences and events throughout the world. Even while travelling, I'm dedicated to being there for my clients, as you shouldn't be left without expert advice just because I'm overseas.

You can be assured that I'm only a phone call or an email away, no matter where I am.

I also work with and support several charities, including sitting on the board of the Dignity Freedom Network New Zealand Trust. Being privileged to have been born and raised in New Zealand, I believe it is important that I do what I can for those who weren't as fortunate as I am. People shouldn't be penalised due to where they were born, or who they're descended from. So I do what I can to assist in making a difference.

If you do have any further questions about myself or Virt Law, please feel free to contact me.

Arran Hunt

Always being available to clients doesn't mean sitting in the one location. Here are some photos I've taken while home and away, working as I see the world.


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